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Project Description
IronPhp - PHP for .NET/Mono

IronPhp has a few goals. Our first goal is to mimic PHP as close as possible with both the language, the configuration, the modules and the environment (IE. .htaccess files). As a secondary goal, we would like to make it FAST. If possible we would like to make it at least as fast as the native PHP engine (This expectation might be to high, but we will work towards it and publicly display our results). This is a new project so we are looking for helping hands. Currently we have some proof of concept code and we are actively working on building the actual engine.

Here is an example of a "echo" proof of concept for IronPhp:
    echo 'hello world this will not be a new line-->\n' . "This will--> 
and so will this-->\noh\t                          yeah";

Here are the results of this "echo" test:

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